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Riflecraft 552:

.338 Lapua Magnum

Field Shooting Clinic - 1 Day


$275 Basic

$1300 Inclusive

Have you realized the full potential of your .338 Lapua or Norma magnum rifle system in the field?  Do you have the rifle marksmanship skills to consistently engage targets beyond 1,000 yards?  Are you ready for a truly enjoyable precision rifle shooting experience?

This Field Shooting Clinic is designed for shooters with .338LM caliber rifles desiring to refine their long range shooting skills on targets sighted from 100 yards to 1760 yards.  This is not a “square range” shooting clinic.  It focuses on shooter development as a system (e.g. shooter, precision rifle, optic, ammo, ballistic calculator) in a field shooting environment. Riflecraft Field Shooting Clinics are conducted entirely on the range, hands-on behind your rifle.  This .338 Lapua Magnum specific clinic will expose shooters to a variety of precision long range shooting equipment, wind and environmental conditions at all practical engagement ranges for this super magnum cartridge. 

Field Shooting Activities

▪  Range Safety Briefing
▪  Rifle Safety Inspection
▪  Precision Rifle Setup
▪  Cold Bore Shot
▪  Scope Calibration
▪  Scope Box Drill
▪  Chronograph Your Rifle & Ammo
▪  FDAC & Ballistic Software Calculators
▪  Range Card

▪  Spotter - Shooter Communication

▪  Data Book - D.O.P.E.
▪  Zeroing & Grouping
▪  Come Ups
▪  Maximum Point Blank Range
▪  Danger Space Calculation
▪  Known & Unknown Distance Targets
▪  100 to 1760+ yds
▪  Shooting Movers
▪  Troubleshooting Rifle Accuracy Problems


  • Intermediate Skill Level Program

  • Demonstrated Proficiency in:

    • Firearms safety

    • Administrative weapons handling

    • Precision rifle marksmanship skills

Clinic Highlights

▪  Conducted Entirely on the Range
▪  Hands-on with Your Rifle!
▪  FDAC .338 Density Altitude Ballistic Calculator 
▪  Variable Wind & Environmental Conditions

   All Practical Engagement Ranges for the .338LM
Held in the Mountains of Central Virginia

What's Included?

  • FDAC .338 Ballistic Calculator (to keep)

  • Lunch & Refreshments

  • Shooting Benches & Mats

  • Eye & Hearing Protection

Need everything included?  No problem! Choose our Inclusive Tuition Program

Required Equipment (student provides unless using Inclusive Tuition Option)

The following equipment is required for this clinic (unless indicated as optional).  You will be required to provide this equipment unless you elect our Inclusive Tuition which provides everything listed (excluding clothing & shoes) for the day including rifle and ammunition.

  • .338 caliber rifle in good and safe working order capable of 1 MOA accuracy or better

  • Rifle scope with fixed or adjustable magnification and MOA or MIL adjustments

  • 150 rounds of factory or precision hand loaded ammunition.  250gr or 300gr OTM match ammunition is recommended
    (Note: No steel core, AP or tracer accepted)

  • Spare Ammunition

  • Sound Suppressor (optional but recommended)

  • Laser Range Finder (optional)

  • Ballistic Software or APP w/PDA or Smartphone (w/charger & spare batteries) (optional)

  • Hand Held Weather Station (optional)

  • Slope Doper or Angle Cosign/Degree Indicator

  • Shooting Sling

  • Range Bag or Back Pack

  • Magazines – 3 magazines
    (if your rifle uses detachable box magazines)

  • Bipod

  • Cleaning Kit

  • Season Appropriate Outerwear

  • Sturdy Hiking Boots

  • Hat with Brim

  • Shooting Bag or Pack

Required Equipment
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