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Riflecraft Pro Staff

Ashbury employs accomplished firearms instructors, hunting, outdoor skills and adult education professionals to provide students, both new and experienced with high quality Riflesports training experiences.  Our congenial experienced instructional staff guides students through modern insightful Riflesports training clinics, workshops and courses shooting out to beyond 2,000 yards!

APO Riflecraft programs are structured to teach precision rifle marksmanship, hunting and fieldcraft knowledge, skills and abilities such that students can demonstrate them to observable and measurable levels upon completion of training.  APO is dedicated to assisting students to safely achieve their best personal marksmanship performance using equipment they already own.

The satisfaction of successfully completing a Riflecraft program with the confidence you have improved your shooting or hunting skills and can more effectively use your firearm is very compelling!

APO staff members have diverse and extensive Riflesports backgrounds, experience, qualifications, instructor-training, shooting disciplines know-how and hunting credentials to include:

  • US Army and US Marine Corp Combat Veteran Snipers

  • Former African Dangerous Game Professional Hunter (PH)

  • Seasoned Hunting Guides

  • NRA Firearms Instructors and Coaches

  • Practical/Tactical Rifle Competitors

  • North American Big Game Hunters

  • Small Bore and High Power Rifle Competitors

  • Extreme Long Range Precision Rifle Shooters

  • Military Veteran Gunsmiths and Armorers

  • Wilderness Survival Instructors

  • Firearms and Ammunition Industry Professionals

Matt Peterson

Matt has traveled throughout the United States, Europe and the Middle East participating in numerous competitive shooting, firearms training and hunting pursuits, specializing in shotgun and precision rifle shooting activities.  Matt is an avid off-roader and owner of Mad Matz Motorsports where he customizes, builds 4x4 off road vehicles and twice qualified and raced in King of the Hammers.

Steve Rann

Steve was introduced to African big game hunting when living in Zambia during the mid 1970’s which left an indelible lifelong impression on him and influenced him to become a Professional Hunter.  He started Rann Hunting Safaris based in Botswana with his brother Jeff.  Steve is an internationally acclaimed Professional Hunter still guiding hunts in Africa.

Gary Vance

Gary's passion for shooting sports and instructing others started when his eldest son was an eleven year old Boy Scout.  Small bore rifle competition became a focus for Gary and his son through regular competition in 3 and 4 position Olympic-style rifle matches.  Gary is an NRA Certified Rifle Instructor and a USA Shooting Rifle Coach, coaching many young shooters in Olympic-style marksmanship skills to compete at the state, regional and national level matches.

Travis Bankston

Joining the Marine Corps as a 2111 (Armorer) Travis wanted to do for a living what his father had taught him to love, to work with firearms! From basic training he was accepted into the 2111 Armorer school at Aberdeen Proving grounds Maryland.  While stationed in Okinawa Japan, he was observed to be above many of his peers and superiors, and was granted a position at the 2112 Precision Weapons Section (PWS) school in Quantico, Virginia to become a 2112 (Gunsmith).

Chris Sharon

After his Iraq deployment, Sgt Chris Sharon immediately deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom until February of 2004 when he transferred to Quantico Virginia to serve as the Chief Instructor of Scout Sniper Instructor School.  Chris's notable awards and achievements include: the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (3rd Award, with combat “V”), Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (5th Award), the 2005 instructor of the Year Award, and the Leatherneck Award.

Ken Sutherby

Ken Sutherby retired as a Gunnery Sergeant from the United States Marine Corps with 26 years of military service, either deploying as a Scout Sniper or working as a sniper instructor, with numerous global combat deployments with Marine Reconnaissance and MARSOC.  Ken was also assigned to Special Operations Training Group (SOTG) as an Urban Sniper Reconnaissance Surveillance Instructor, at Camp Pendleton CA. 

Cory Trapp

Cory enlisted in the US Army as a Medic and was later accepted into the Special Forces qualifying as a Expert with the M-16 rifle.  He has been a BATFE licensed Class III Dealer and Class 2 Firearms Manufacturer since 1986.  Cory is also a Factory Certified Armorer for Glock, SIG, Colt, H&K, Zastava (AK/PKM/RPG) and was personally invited by Jeff Cooper to the first Provost Instructor class at Gunsite.  He has been a Gunsite Staff Member since 1987 and ran the Gunsite Gunsmithy from 2001 to 2013.

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