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Our Mission

Our Mission


APO Riflecraft training programs were developed to promote rifle shooting sports to a broad range of new and experienced shooting sports enthusiasts, recreational shooters, hunters and competitors.  Ashbury enthusiastically embraces the US Constitution’s 2nd Amendment “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”  We passionately believe in the safe, responsible, legal and ethical use of firearms and all shooting sports with a bold emphasis on Riflesports.

Why RifleSports?

Simply, because our parent organization, Ashbury Precision Ordnance Mfg., is a small specialized manufacturer of high quality precision rifles for recreational shooting, hunting, practical competition and target sports.  APO precision rifles are hand-crafted in the USA by a unique team of dedicated veteran US Marine Corps Gunsmiths, Armorers and proud American craftsmen.


APO Riflecraft programs provide quality firearms safety and rifle marksmanship education and hands-on training for aspirational outdoor enthusiasts looking to learn how to properly and effectively use a rifle.  Riflecraft programs also provide youth, novice men and women shooting enthusiasts with a defined set of building block training programs that will progressively develop, build and hone their precision rifle shooting capabilities at distances out to 1 mile or more!


APO Riflecraft training programs are offered at our Central Virginia location nestled in the forested varied terrain of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  During the year we also conduct Riflecraft courses, workshops and shooting clinics on-the-road at select lodges, private estates, guest ranches and resorts around our great nation.  APO’s Riflecraft programs are conducted both on traditional square ranges (necessary for traditional formal target sports) and at natural field locations that offer safe, real-world shooting environments (our preference)!

Training Logistics

APO Riflecraft 150 through 450 courses, customizable 550 series clinics and workshops are available on a scheduled basis and on-demand for individuals and small groups to maximize the effectiveness of personalized training.  Students are encouraged to bring their own rifles and shooting kit or allow Ashbury to provide everything needed through our popular inclusive tuition program!

Primary Focus

APO Riflecraft's focus is simple, rifle marksmanship and we enthusiastically promote success and achievement by our students.  APO utilizes a wide variety of reactive and moving targetry to include “game steel” to make our field firing programs sensory-rich, highly engaging and much more exciting than a trip to a gun range only to punch paper targets!  Riflecraft students can demonstrate their acquired knowledge, skills and abilities to observable and measurable levels upon graduation from our programs.


APO employs consummate Riflesports and firearms training professionals to create and guide our students through safe structured rifle marksmanship training programs.  Our staff members are experienced, knowledgeable, articulate and congenial.  They are totally committed to safety, instructional excellence and the enjoyment of our students.

Our staff has the requisite background qualifications, training and shooting sports credentials to include: NRA instructor & coach certifications, extreme long range precision shooting, practical rifle competitors, professional hunters (PH) of African dangerous game, long time big game hunters, precision rifle & pistol builders and accomplished elite veteran US military snipers.

Our diverse combination of RifleSports instructors and trainers provides Riflecraft students a taste of many aspects of modern RifleSports.  We place the safety of our students above all else, while closely managing their personal expectations of success at skills development during every APO Riflecraft program - be it their first or return visit.

What We Offer

APO has a large multi-caliber firearms selection & broad global firearms industry resources and is fully licensed for all types of firearms. In addition to being experienced culinary advisors, we also maintain a select list of premium destination relationships that can collectively make almost ANY Riflecraft experience possible.  Students are encouraged to use our Concierge Services to contact us to discuss, plan and prepare for all aspects of their future APO Riflecraft program on demand.

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