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Riflecraft - Precison Rifle Training

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Long Range Rifle

ri•fle craft

definition: exercise skills in the use of a long gun, fired from shoulder, having a long spirally grooved barrel designed to provide greater projectile accuracy over a long distance to engage targets.

Riflecraft Training



Bolt Action Rifle Fundamentals


Precision Rifle

Extreme Long Range Rifle




Riflecraft courses are created to begin or continue your APO Riflesports Experience. It is here that Ashbury nutures, cultivates and expands your knowledge, skills and abilities igniting a passion for precision rifle shooting in all its forms. Riflecraft courses instill the foundation of firearms safety and entice you to explore and enjoy precision rifle marksmanship. Whether your interest is purely recreational target shooting pursuits and organized practical/tactical competition or long range shooting and hunting, we will take you to the next level.  Through our Riflecraft courses, you will enjoy improving your skills with calibers from .223 to .50BMG and many exciting cartridges in between!


You are welcomed and encouraged to bring your own personal rifle for training or opt for APO’s Inclusive Tuition Package that offers you access & use of an Asymmetric Warrior®, Tactical Competition Rifle, SuperSport, or SABER

Precision Rifle all hand-crafted by Ashbury’s Ordnance Shop. We are staffed with veteran US Marine Corp’s MOS 2112 Precision Rifle Technicians, MOS 2111 Armorer and a team of proud American craftsmen. Our high quality precision rifles are equipped with premium optics to include Leupold, Schmidt Bender, Nightforce and US Optics. Most of our rifles

Advanced Skills Workshop


also use state-of-the-art silencers. Precision does not end with the rifle or the optic, but carries right through to ammunition where you’ll have the best from Ruag Swiss-P, Hornady AMAX and Federal Premium.


Riflecraft courses are taught by Ashbury’s congenial, considerate and experienced instructor staff that have solid backgrounds in the firearms industry including extreme long range shooting, precision hand-loading, NRA smallbore & high power and tactical competitive shooting.  They also include Professional Hunters of Dangerous Game and combat experienced veteran US military snipers.

There are no physical strength or agility requirements for Riflecraft courses, we ask only that you bring a positive attitude, enthusiasm and a desire to succeed! A hearty lunch and refreshments are provided each course day and a Certificate of Completion is awarded at the conclusion of every Riflecraft program. Top students in each course are recognized with an award and those engaging targets at one mile or more are further recognized and inducted into APO’s 1760 Club! Training is conducted in a natural field shooting environment with targets sited from 100 yards to more than 2,200 yards in the mountains of Central Virginia.

Riflecraft Course Schedules

Riflecraft courses are scheduled througout the year as open erollment as well as booked on a private, on-demand basis.  For our latest schedule information, please contact Concierge Services and ask to speak with our training department.  You may contact us through our Concierge Services contact form or call us at 844-920-9039, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

Riflecraft Course Registration

Your Riflecraft Course Begins Here

The registration process for all of our Riflecraft Training Courses begins here.  First, complete the registration form below and click submit.  A member of our Training Team will respond to you within 24 hours to discuss current course schedules and obtain the remaining information required.  If you would like to chat online with Concierge Services during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time) click the button at the bottom left of this page.  You may also call us at 844-920-9039 or through our online form.


Be sure to advise us, either on the form below or when we speak to you directly to complete your registration process, if you have any medical conditions, physical disabilities or dietary restrictions or preferences.  We wish to ensure all Riflecraft Course participants have a safe and enjoyable experience.  You may rest assured your information will be kept strictly confidential. 


You must be a U.S. Citizen with a valid photo ID, proof of US citizenship or copy of your passport and possess a valid Carry Concealed Weapon (CCW) permit.  In lieu of the CCW permit, an official statement from your local law enforcement agency of “No Criminal History” may be provided. APO reserves the right to refuse admission and service to any person, or persons, that may pose a security threat to our staff, corporation, other guests or the United States of America.


In accordance with International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), you must be a “U.S. Person” to participate in APO Experiences and Riflecraft training courses.  If you are a foreign national and desire to participate in a Riflecraft Training Course, please contact Concierge Services and request to speak with Ashbury's Exports Compliance Officer. 

Registration Form Submitted

Thank you for submitting your initial Riflecraft Course registration form.


A representative from our Training Team will be in touch shortly to complete the registration process.

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